About Us


Bediako Memorial Institute Limited was incorporated in Ghana in 2001, as a private limited liability basic school. 

On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, the school commenced operations, and thus began the long, arduous journey to achieving excellence in basic education. The school opened with a small number of pupils who enrolled from Nursery 1 to primary 6. Numbering close to 50 pupils at that time, the school today has a total enrolment of 1,260 pupils, from nursery 1 to JHS 3.

Of all the factors which have contributed to the growth of our school, one is distinctly significant. This factor is our collective vision.  Since September 2002, we have committed ourselves to a clear vision which governs the decisions and actions of management and staff. We measure our decisions and actions against our enduring vision.

Inspired by our vision, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in basic education.